Aluminium Outdoor Shutters

Living in Australia, our home should be able to withstand the country’s harsh environmental elements and your aluminium plantation shutters should be no exception. At Adelaide Plantation Shutters, we proudly supply our clients with Weatherwell Aluminium Shutters. Our team’s extensive quality control means that our plantation shutter solutions have the ability to reflect the intense heat of Summer and bitter Australian Winters too.

Unbeaten Durability

For years, aluminium plantation shutters have been a favourite amongst Australian home and business owners. At Adelaide Plantation Shutters, our Weatherwell Plantation Shutters are made from extruded aluminium that can be painted to suit your tastes in a finish that provides a lasting appearance that won’t fade or chip.

The products combination of features offers you a wealth of versatility, made from premium materials that are maintenance free and won’t warp, fade or rust and are the perfect solution to any Australian outdoor living space.

Endless Possibilities

Embrace change and move away from traditional timber plantation shutters. Aluminium offers a shutter solution with enhanced durability and advantages unlike any other material on the market.

Built with cutting-edge engineering techniques, Weatherwell Aluminium Shutters have the ability to produce a shutter solution unlike any other. Weatherwell delivers on both aesthetics, durability and functionality.

Heighten interest and further enhance the way you use your outdoor space in some ingenious ways including:

Blade System

Weatherwell’s blade rack and pinion system allow you to lock your shutters into any position giving you ultimate control over the light and airflow.

The systems 2-part stile construction guarantees that all moving parts are hidden within the shutter frame, resulting in a shutter that offers exceptional usability with no visible engineering.



Aluminium Plantation Shutter Benefits

Unbeatable Privacy
Enclose your outdoor space for ultimate comfort while controlling airflow.

Entertain All Year Round
Aluminium plantation shutters allow you to enclose your outdoor area creating an alfresco area that is well protected from harsh weather conditions.

Attractive Security
Your home’s security doesn’t have to be ugly. Weatherwell shutters are attractive while providing you with unrivalled strength.

Curbside Appeal
Upgrade and add value to your home with an attractive aluminium shutter solution.

Indoor Friendly: Needing a highly durable shutter solution for the inside of your home? Aluminium plantation shutters are the perfect fit for high-traffic areas.

Looking for the perfect aluminium plantation shutter solution for your home? Give the Adelaide Plantation Shutters team a call today!